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Dr. Justin Heidemann has had a passion for exercise and health since high school where he competed in several sports. After high school he moved to the Philippines for a two year service sabbatical. Upon his return home, he joined the military, competed in body building, and triathlons. These combined experiences furthered his understanding about the importance of not just fitness, but overall health. 

After graduating from Utah Valley University in 2015, he pursued his Doctorate in Chiropractic at Logan University in Chesterfield, MO. During his time in school he realized he wanted to help people with complex issues that had “tried everything”. When he came across Applied Kinesiology he knew this was the best tool for the type of people he wanted to help. Systems Health Care further solidified this by using the principles of Applied Kinesiology, and adding a deeper focus on specificity and precision.

After working under fellow SHC practitioner, Dr. Todd Anderson, DC, to gain further knowledge and experience before starting his own practice in Utah. Dr. Heidemann specializes in Functional Medicine and Applied Kinesiology while assisting people with a wide variety of ailments. His passion is in educating people on how to take control of their health and live a fulfilling life via nutrition, exercise, and a proper mindset. His goal is to show people how they can create a happy healthier life for themselves and those around them.

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How We Treat

At AVAYA Health and Wellness, we recognize that the human body is constantly striving for homeostasis, a state of internal balance. We understand that symptoms, although bothersome, should not be the only area treated. Symptoms serve as valuable signals indicating underlying imbalances. By following the guidance symptoms provide, we can uncover the root cause of the issue. Once the root cause has been addressed we find that the symptoms are effectively eliminated. Whereas symptom management alone often leaves the underlying imbalance unresolved, potentially leading to the reemergence of symptoms in other areas. We believe that the body is inherently designed for health. Our approach is to identify factors that overwhelmed this innate balance and steered the body towards a state of dis-ease.

To approach the body as a whole we utilize specialized techniques which include Functional Medicine, Chiropractic, Systems Health Care, and Applied Kinesiology.

Functional Medicine views the different body systems as interconnected and uses physical diagnosis, functional lab ranges, and detailed patient history to assess overall wellness. The following labs are some of what we use when clinically indicated: comprehensive blood testing, urinalysis, hormone testing, allergy testing, and stool analysis. After discussing the results of testing, recommendations can be made for both lifestyle changes and supplementation.

Systems Health Care (SHC) is a diagnostic technique that uses functional in-house testing. This includes myotome testing as a biofeedback mechanism for both musculoskeletal and internal conditions. We use this technique, along with chiropractic evaluations and applied kinesiology, to focus on the underlying cause of symptoms. SHC utilizes manual therapies, chiropractic treatment, supplementation, and lifestyle changes to alleviate pain and solve complex health issues.

We believe in empowering you to take charge of your health. We’ll guide you through personalized care plans, tailored to your unique needs. No two cases are alike. We understand that each body responds differently to treatments, so we’ll craft a combination of lifestyle changes, supplements, and musculoskeletal therapies that work best for you. Our approach is modern, thorough, and innovative – we’re not afraid to think outside the box. Together, we’ll unravel the root causes of your health concerns and find the quickest path to relief. Let’s embark on a journey to better health, one step at a time!


If you’d like to further discuss your health or our treatment methods, feel free to book a free 20 minute consultation or book an appointment below!


(Frequently Asked Questions)

The techniques we utilize allow us to address a wide variety of ailments. Anything from muscle aches and pains to complex internal disorders, thyroid problems, hormonal issues, digestion disturbances, sleep abnormalities, mood issues, skin conditions, and emotional issues. To explore the breadth of conditions we manage, visit our ‘Health Articles page. The best way to know what help we can provide is to book a free consultation below.
We do not accept insurance payments. Upon request, we can provide a superbill that you may submit to your insurance company for potential reimbursement depending on your coverage. Our fees are based on the time spent with you and your specific needs, not by a predetermined menu created by an insurance company. This ensures that every decision we make during your treatment is based solely on what we believe is best for you. For more details, please refer to our office policies.
Treatment plans vary depending on the individual’s condition. Some conditions may require only a few visits, while others may require several. Our initial treatment plan is six weeks long, which allows us to assess progress and make adjustments as needed.
We strongly believe in the importance of nutritional and lifestyle changes in achieving positive treatment outcomes. Patient adherence to dietary, exercise, and habit changes significantly impacts treatment success. If you have concerns about the duration of treatment, we encourage you to schedule a free consultation to discuss your specific needs.
Treatment consists of manual therapy, supplementation, dietary changes, and lifestyle recommendations. A thorough patient history, manual muscle testing, and laboratory results are all factors in determining the most appropriate treatment recommendations. If you’d like to know more about the techniques utilized, visit our “How We Treat” page or click the link to learn more about Systems Health Care.
The cost of treatment varies depending on the complexity of the patient’s condition and the number of visits, supplements, and laboratory tests required to resolve the complaint. Our initial treatment plan includes six weeks of care, which is typically sufficient time to observe progress and make necessary adjustments.
If no progress is evident, we can promptly modify the treatment approach without incurring excessive costs. Our initial consultation lasts two hours, and we charge only for the time utilized. Subsequent follow-up appointments are scheduled every two weeks. Our hourly rate is $252. The cost of laboratory tests and supplements varies and can be determined after a thorough examination. To discuss your symptoms and potential treatment costs, schedule a free consultation below.
No blood work is not required. It is a valuable tool for narrowing down potential causes of your health concerns, but it is not always necessary. During your initial consultation, we will discuss whether blood work is appropriate for you based on your individual circumstances. In many cases, we are able to establish an effective treatment plan without the need for blood tests.